You Get Just One Horse

Apparently you get one horse in your life who is The Horse.

This is my best boy, Haakon from Camster.  His birthday is on 10th May and he was born in 1994 so he is 21 this year.  I have had him since he was 3 years old and backed and trained him myself.  He failed his vetting when I purchased him due to the fact that the vet could not get near him and he stood on his hind-legs all the time – apparently this is why he was gelded too.

We go along way back and it was not easy but he is my best boy and my oldest friend.  When he first arrived, he had just been gelded and was a serving stallion (more by accident than by design).  He has progeny – Frilla from Camster and a grand-daughter, Elska from Vine.

His BLUP is 81 (stop laughing please).  He can tölt and flying pace and I have only ever seen him trot once.

His Sire is Abel from Rickarton and his Dam is Flora from Camster.

Here are some photos from yesterday.


He is still just as handsome as the day I first met him off the boat when he was 3 years old.


I have always loved his ears.


And his kind, expressive eye.  He knows his name and his left and right!


Iacs is his cousin.  They have the same grandmother.  Apart from that, they are chalk and cheese.


I am very lucky.  The Gods smiled and let me have a second best boy.  Klængur.  We are working hard on our relationship and, though a slow process, he is a good friend.  I have never met a more loving horse.  He is very affectionate and takes the world on his shoulders to worry about.


Both are very special Icelandic horses in my life.  I never thought I would find another; not to replace Haakon but to give me different challenges to rise to.



5 thoughts on “You Get Just One Horse

  1. Nicki

    I agree and I’m lucky enough to still have mine, she’s nearly 21 love her to bits we know each other inside out. Your very lucky to find a second. Happy New Year xx

  2. Sam

    Sometimes is not a horse that is “The One” – my sister & our 1st Maine Coon cat were instantly in love the second they laid eyes on each other. Dudley is dearly missed many years later. Your pictures of “The One Horse” are amazing!


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