A Darling Duo

Jo came over to shoe the boys,  Haakon and Iacs.


When she arrived, the four Minions were already milling about outside having just been fed.


As you can see, Tiddles goes everywhere with Storm.  They are inseperable and this morning, I noticed Storm waiting for Tiddles to catch up when they were coming down from their field.  Tiddles is very unsteady on his feet and walks carefully and slowly everywhere.

Storm, being Tiddles’ Supreme Commander, showed him how to go through any new things that had been carefully laid out for a project.  The perfect example being Jo’s kit for shoeing, all set up where she could find it quickly and easily, or so she thought.

BN2A6615  BN2A6623

Storm showed Tiddles the importance of putting things in the right place or “rearranging” as he calls it.


He then bit everything to see if Jo had in fact fashioned horse food into horseshoes shapes.

BN2A6625 BN2A6630

Afterwards Tiddles went to introduce himself to Haakon, who has never been a huge Minion fan.


Nuncle N-Iacs did some baby-sitting too.


And then joy of joys, a man up a ladder.  To be fair, they didn’t touch, just observed to get it right for a later date!


5 thoughts on “A Darling Duo

  1. Elizabeth O'Connor

    just love the photos of the 2 comrades investigating the box of horseshoes, and the last photo totally made me laugh! imagine the possible captions/speech bubbles/thoughts that could be put with it!

  2. roberta earley

    Love it.it is so them…………………stick your nose in where ever it is not wanted.
    Also you have the…if nibbling gets you know where stamp on it.
    One of the girls on the Shetland board in australia was looking under the mower deck
    when a shetland gave it a nudge……………….sore head (mower we not on)


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