In the Rain

I sort of guessed it might rain today.  The clouds could not be more ominous if they tried.

But animals still need feeding. We are not good-weather owners.

Kappi and Dreki (I had to think twice about this photo as I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t Kappi and Taktur….)

…. until Dreki turned to look at me.)

This is Taktur – rather soggy.  He is thinking. He has his Thinking Ears on.

But still very majestic.

Efstur was mooching about on his own while the others were resting after hay and hard feed. They were full.

Efstur is doing very well this winter. Note how their coats run to points so the rain just falls off, leaving a dry under-coat.  A brilliant design by Mother Nature.

Despite being full, the boys were hoping we would come with more hard feed and possibly some more hay and they were not budging until we did.

They had this field to go to, if they wanted.

I suggested that they might like to move on, get a job or even have an independent thought but no, they stayed there trying to catch my attention and say how thin and underfed they all were and how they had nothing, not even a field.  Silly boys. They did eventually shift – a few hours later.  Their choice, their decision.

BeAnne was little Miss Bouncy-Bean today, which was lovely to see.  Those TurmerEase slices are doing her the world of good.  We highly recommend.

1 thought on “In the Rain

  1. Sam

    Such handsome profiles on the Men. As for the not wanting to wander – lazy? Carrots are so much more tasty than nasty old grass.


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