A Drive and The Ponios

It is cold with sporadic fierce showers of either hail or rain with a wind chill factor resulting sub-zero temperatures and so I went out for a little drive en route to checking the Leradale lot.

I love the Autumn colours in Shetland.  The contrast of the heathery scattald (hill grazing) with the grass in the “in-bye” fields.

As I went over the cattle grid into the scattald, I found a small herd of Shetland ponies that had been put into the hill for the winter.

They were probably hanging around the cattle grid to get back home, if they could.

I drove on.  There were sheep.  Lots of hill sheep everywhere.

When I reached Leradale, I could see my Shetland pony herd on the other side of their hill park or rough grazing.

Can you seem them?

These days, I always carry binoculars in my car for this very job.  Spot the pony.  There are 7 of them.  Fivvie to the left and then other 6 are grouped together.

The nights are drawing in now but the afternoon Autumn light is always special. 

Magical sunsets now.

When I got home, my four Boyzens were waiting for me (‘Bert is outwith the photo to my right).

As you can see, Puzzah is quickly getting the plot.  He will let me scratch the top of his head and I am hopeful (all fingers crossed) he will be one of the Boyzens very quickly.  His top priority is food.  Their’s is hugging.

You can sort of see where Lambie gets his “I must stick my nose through the bars” thought (see above).  Hereditary obviously.

Awww, ‘Bert’s Winning Smile is enchantment.  Sorry guys, no biccies.  I have learned my lesson.

8 thoughts on “A Drive and The Ponios

  1. Carol E

    Such delightful photos. It’s so nice seeing the Boyz together. They look like such a team (although amazingly different individually). The autumn light coming under the clouds is fantastic.

  2. Linda

    (Catching up on a few days I missed)
    A hearty welcome to Puzzah, and it now looks like he and ‘Bert might be good buddies after all!
    Gorgeous sunset photos, Frances – isn’t this just the bestest time of year?
    And I love those sheepy smiles – how do you get them to do that? 😉

  3. Terri

    The colors in these autumn photos! I love the heathery hills — and the sunset! The Boyz seem happy enough — although they don’t realize that the team approach to biccie solicitation no longer works. ‘Bert’s Winning Smile must have been very hard to resist!
    PS Stay warm!

    1. Frances Post author

      ‘Bert and Lambie like raw carrot slices. The others don’t. I might try apple. Lambie loves apples.

  4. Darby

    I am happy to see that Puzzah seems to be settling in and getting along with the other sheep. I agree that the light this time of year is especially beautiful. Your blog is usually the last thing I look at on line in the evening so I can end the day on a positive note.

  5. Sam

    Lovely fall shots. Glad to hear Puzzah is starting to find his place in the Bozenberry Tribe. Hoping Bert sticks around the Best Bedroom.


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