Love at First Sight (I hope)

Ok, well, there may be a few pictures!

The boys wanted to meet Puzzah.  They had been made to spend all night in a field (the horror – the F word!) which they hate as they are normally allowed around the house at night with access to a shed (wifi, no radio).  Puzzah’s arrival and operation changed the routine.

So, I let them out, dished out brekkie (a peerie grain, according to our postie who is my sheep expert).

And then they rushed over to meet Puzzah.

First Contact – Father and Son.

I had a “what-the-heck” moment and opened the gate.

Well that started a fight between ‘Ster and Puzzah so I split them up, leaving Lambie with his dad.

Puzzah was not impressed (and neither was Lambie).

So Puzzah started ramming the fence with ‘Ster and ‘Bert the other side. I went to get a bucket of food to lure ‘Ster and ‘Bert away into the field and while I was away, Lambie and Puzzah managed to escape (the gate was not securely shut – my bad).

So I led them all into a field and let them get on with it.

More room meant far less stress.

Introductions were easier (Lambie’s photobombing face!).  Puzzah wants lady-girl-sheeps, hence the tongue.

But Puzzah fancied, after an initial row, ‘Ster who doesn’t know what to make of this sudden adoration.

We wanted to go for a ride out. 

But the weather said otherwise.  It didn’t rain.  It shat down (an actual meteorological term).

We quickly gave up on that idea and sun came out (bugger it!)

I have spent my day in the field with the chaps making sure they are all getting along and not being Mean Girls.

(Seriously? We are related?)   
Puzzah is most definitely in love!

I am slightly worried about ‘Bert who is not keen on change.  He may want to leave. I hope not.  He did this last time.

Anywho, later this afternoon – a family photo.

All Boyzenberries together.

I think ‘Ster is getting his head around total adoration.

I think he quite likes it!

The weather is descending again so they all went into the Best Bedroom – small field, shed with wifi and radio!


4 thoughts on “Love at First Sight (I hope)

  1. Terri

    Hope all goes well, especially with regard to ‘Bert and his easily hurt feelings. Those are some serious horns on Puzzah! They could put your eye out (if you’re a sheep). Btw, I didn’t comment yesterday because I fainted after seeing Puzzah’s removed parts. (I’m a wimpy city girl!)

  2. Carol E

    It tickles my funny bone that they couldn’t get along in a constricted space, so you give them the whole outdoors, and then they practically stand on each other!

    I hope Puzzah and ‘Ster can have a little bromance, rather than bashing their gorgeous heads together. All 4 of their horns are fantastic!

  3. Louise Stopford

    Lovely photo’s of the boys. Hope all goes well and they get along together nicely. Hopefully now the poor lad’s been “done” (the look on your daughter’s face says it all!!) they will be a happy flock. He’s ended up with a good home so I hope he realises which side his bread is buttered. A nice story and I look forward to more updates.


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