Not Getting On

Hetja is still not letting Aria’s foal, Jubilation, near Hjalti.

Not now, not never.  He and his mum are chased off all the time, which is very sad for both the foals. We have tried for a while now, and nothing changes.


The four Icelandics (Fákur and Tór (geldings) plus Hreyfing and Sparta (mares)) were over the road having previously disgraced themselves by escaping into the hill the evening before.

Hetja was very pleased to see her old herd/friends.


As was Hjalti, who was intrigued.


He was desperate to make friends, and this time Hetja was not trying to stop him.

BN2A8751  BN2A8768

So a decision was made.  Aria and Jubilation, who obviously would never be allowed to mix, were moved to another field, while the Icelandic renegades were moved in with Hetja and Hjalti.


And, instantly, a tentative peace reigns.  Ok, Hetja did some warning and raging, but not half as much as she did with Aria.


We will see how they get on. Little bebbies love Nuncle Fákur.  They are drawn to him and I don’t think it will be long before Hetja lets him babysit!


Btw, thank you for your healing vibes.  Lambert is doing very well – eating and drinking, though still a bit sore and wary of folk.  I am very happy.



3 thoughts on “Not Getting On

  1. Deb Twomey

    Oh Thankful that Little One has some Uncles to look after him and play. A very sound beginning I’d say.

  2. Linda Loba

    Seeing the reaction to the other Icelandic horses, I’m guessing it must be a language thing; Aria doesn’t speak Icelandic…

    Glad to hear Lambert is doing well!


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