Half-Brothers Meet

Jo came over with Tór and we happened to have his half brother, Taktur, in the stables.

It seemed a good idea to introduce them to each other – something I have been wanting to do for a while.


Taktur was very interested to see his half-brother, who is 2 years younger.  They share the same mother, Tíbrá frá Hafnarfirði.

Taktur frá Velli II (IS2009180242) – 5 year old stallion
Sire:  IS1991157345 – Hugi frá Hafsteinsstöðum
Dam:  IS2000225599 – Tíbrá frá Hafnarfirði


Tór frá Velli II (IS2011180241) – 3 year old COLT
Sire:  IS1999187590 – Flipi frá Litlu-Sandvík
Dam:  IS2000225599 – Tíbrá frá Hafnarfirði


And I wonder if they knew they were related?

This was “First Contact”.


Then they found something in common – love of the hay corner.


Then, as social customs demand,they got to know each other.  Well, Taktur followed his half-brother around the indoor school offering to show him the sights.

BN2A6678 BN2A6698

It was lovely to see these two boys together and Taktur was very keen for Tór to stay so he could show him the blue goldfish.


Sadly Tór’s Mum took him back home and Taktur’s Mum (me) told him a few home truths about doing as he was told even if herds of wildebeest sweep majestically across the plain.  Once the headcollar is clipped to the lead-rope, all bets are off and Wembley behaviour is a must.




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