A Chunky Monkey

Ooof, this little Chunky Monkey was born yesterday to Bergli Stud.  What a beautiful little chap and look who solid he is.


Apparently he goes around with his tongue out which makes him extra special gorgeousness.  My girls and I love it when anyone (animal) does this!


This miniature foal is just beginning to unravel and stretch out.  He has to find out which bit goes where and why.


Hopefully, he will get the plot soon!


I adore this little foal mostly because he is so solid and has the cutest face ever.


A leg at each corner, we would say.


He is another that may well vanish in the middle of the night (and may well be found with me – I am saying nothing!)


I am very jealous of Bergli Stud.  They have such wonderful foals and I just want to hug them all.


4 thoughts on “A Chunky Monkey

  1. Cathy

    If your cleavage, pockets and camera bag are stuffed full of foals,
    I can’t imagine how you will be able to waddle back to your car without getting found out! Impossible to decide which is the most gorgeous of all these lovely babies.

  2. Linda K

    He certainly is a sturdy wee boy and he’s so gorgeous and … fuzzy.
    You’d think his Mum might help him out a little.

  3. Sam

    Can this Chunky Monkey have a weekend sleepover? Would that calm the Foalio Lust?
    Inquiring minds want to know.


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