Happy 1st Birthday, Lambie

Yesterday was Lambie’s official birthday.


He came into the world on a Sunday night covered in green scour from his mother, along with his twin sister, who died the next day.

After that, Lambie came to live with me.  Firstly in the oven to warm up and then to mostly sit by the Rayburn or on my shoulder, being massaged.  He had constant trips to the vet for a nasty case of joint-ill and eye problems.  Many shook their heads and told me he was just a sheep but to me he was, and always will be, my precious Lambie – one of the family.


BeAnne did her best too, though I think she mostly loved the Rayburn more than the little squirt who seemed to have priority over her.


They did share (grudgingly on BeAnne’s part).


In the evenings Lambie would sit on my shoulder while I lay on the sofa (I can’t sit) and I would pick out the scour from his head using coconut oil.

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When folk comment on Lambie’s beautiful fleece, I always attribute it to the coconut oil massages!


Even as Lambie got older, he still loved to lie on me and go to sleep.

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Eventually there came the time when Lambie was too big for the house.  My OH was having a major sense of humour failure about Lambie’s “little ways” – he likes to chew on cables, especially Apple computer ones!

So Lambie had to move out.


Lambie now lives with his bestest friend (hopefully forever), ‘Ster.  They get on well and play endlessly.


Lambie will always be my precious woolly lamb.  He follows me everywhere and his dream day is if I am working outside so he and ‘Ster can “help”.


We still go to sleep together on occasions but nowadays it is the other way around – Lambie is my pillow.


So, happy birthday to my darling little boy.  There were times I honestly didn’t think we would see this day.

(and yes, he did get a present – his favourite food ever – a bag of Spillers Meadow Herb Horse Treats.)


13 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Lambie

  1. Sam

    Happy belated Birthday to my favorite sheep, Lambie! His coat is lovely to look at but when he gets sheared, what will you knit the fleece into? A Lambie hat? A Lambie jumber?


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