Peas in a Pod

The silage bale is where everyone congregates when they feel peckish (as if the spring grass is not enough).


The thing that strikes me the most, the other afternoon, is just how alike Hetja and Hjalti are.


Yes, they are mother and son but they have the same expression and thoughts.  Two perfect peas in a perfect pod.


Soon, yes, soon, I will wean Hjalti from Hetja.  I have made the decision to put Hetja into the Fat Park with Silver, Waffle, Klaengur and Iacs – all who need to lose weight rather than get laminitis. Vitamin will go to a field where she can boss little girls around (she will love that) and Bra will remain with Delia at Thordale while she has her foal.  In the big park (at Thordale) we will have Taktur, Kappi, Hjalti, Storm and Tiddles.

This is my new plan.  I give it five minutes before I change my mind again.  You know me – nothing is written in stone.  This time of year it is a matter of juggling.

2 thoughts on “Peas in a Pod

  1. Robin

    Did you ever think you’d see the day that you’d say Waffle and Silver need to lose weight? Great phrase to hear!


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