I never learn

My day started well. I walked over the hill to collect Haakon, Iacs and Klængur from their field as we were going for a ride or two.  I had brought headcollars and put them on the chaps.

I stupidly thought to myself “I trust these three, they know what they are doing, they will walk (as they always do) through the hill and home” and opened the gate.

But no, to a horse, they sniggered, kicked up their heels and went off into the infinite hill.  Iacs even did a happy little buck!

Daisy and I got them back with some persuasion and then went on our ride(s). *** sigh *** – Why don’t I ever learn?  There was definitely something in the air today.  They were very fast rides!

And then, after a marathon of cooking this afternoon, I decided I had earned some peace and quiet and went to sit with the sheeps.

‘Bert immediately plopped himself down beside me.

And we tooks selfies together – Bert’s such a dude.

Little Missy Madam spied me in the field and immediately came over.

She is a very inquisitive little girl.

and she likes to nibble.

Certainly one of the herd and we all adore her.

BeAnne sat behind me waiting to go back inside.  She is not a huge fan of sheep anymore ever since Edna told her what she thought of dogs. To be fair, Edna had just had Missy so was not in the best frame of mind.  BeAnne now tends to steer well clear.  Probably wise.

3 thoughts on “I never learn

  1. Sam

    Sounds like the Three Amigos drank the silly Minion juice and needed to romp it off.
    However, your selfie with Bert is lovely! Sorry BeAnne was told off by a sheep but it is probably safer for her.


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