A Bit Wet Here

We’ve had some quantity of rain over the past 24 hours and now it is blowing a hooley as well.  Not nice.  The wind is going to swing round from the north, temperatures are dropping rapidly and snow is forecast in a Force 9 overnight.

There is flooding everywhere and I think I might be saying goodbye to my bridge too.

So Daisy and I shoved all the horses at home to dry out a bit in the stables with haynets, and then went on to Sandness to see how the Minions were getting on. We found them busy begging at the Hydro men (electricity supply) who were in next door’s garden for some reason.

We had driven over in the van which was just as well as the roads were flooded in quite a few places and I doubt my Mum-mobile would’ve got through.  Anyway, the van made it through valiantly and we had brought two bale of hay.  One bale we stored in a friend’s shed and the other we distributed. Happly little Minions who are hopefully ready to meet the storm with bellies full of fibre – the best fuel there is for their internal central heating system.

Their burn is flooding but there is shelter and higher ground to stand on.

We went home and I took a few photos of our flooded fields.

This is our other croft across the road that we rent out.

From the road.

And, interestingly, this is the burn in 2008.  My neighbour took this photo when she said the burn was the highest she had ever seen it, 12 years ago. I think today it is even higher.

Anywho, we have done our best for everyone.

Stay safe everyone xx

5 thoughts on “A Bit Wet Here

  1. Sam

    Good grief – will 2020 stop sending these “surprises”? Keeping you and yours in my thoughts tonight.
    In Southern New England we have had in the last week: temps near 70F (20 degrees warmer than normal), a brief tornado warning when 20 minutes of 60mph winds and sideways rain flew by and today it is barely 36F (4F above freezing) but the weekend will be back in the upper 50’sF. Yeah – climate change is not real…tell that to your runaway burn.

  2. Dona

    This post is so interesting Frances! Didn’t realize the water flowed so much through your properties. We also have levies nearby that break and flood like this. Hope you are able to get a few days of no rain to dry out. Take care ! Dona

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Blimey!! I hope you’ve got good wellies! Really sorry that you’re having to cope with this and the prospect of snow as well. I hope the old boys are tucked up somewhere – I know they’re all designed to withstand winter weather but wind and rain combined is just horrible. I hope the gales blow themselves out quickly and that you get some sunshine soon.x

  4. Kate Woolley

    Hi Francis,
    I bet the girls are relieved they are in the dry with plenty of food in their tummies. Life would have a bit of a struggle for them in this weather. I just love Albie doing his jousting horse impression and Fivla feeling young again. Such happiness

  5. diane in northern wis

    Oh my…. quite the storm you’re having. Hope it ends soon and that all your critters are OK. So nice that you go around and check up on everybody and give them extra rations, etc. Praying that everybody will be fine!


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