Brief Respite

We are having a brief respite today – a day “between weathers”, as it is known locally.  Most of the flooding has subsided and the animals all seem fine, which is a huge relief.  I did worry all night as the storm raged on, loudly and without mercy.

After sorting out the horses/sheep/dog at home, Daisy and I loaded up the car and drove over to see the Minions (my poor Mum-mobile, it probably never envisaged life as a farm car after its cosseted garage south-of-England life!)

The Minions were having a snooze so we laid out the hay in a sheltered spot and added some suprise carrots.

I tell myself that we let the horses and ponies get fat in the summer months for exactly this type of winter weather.  Their fat-stores will keep them warm.  The Minions all happily dug into the hay and didn’t seem worse for wear at all.

When we have the first weather-window, we will try to move them over to Leradale where there is better shelter, and their winter grass waiting.

Tomorrow, first thing or possibly Monday is looking hopeful.  We will see. I always worry in storms.  I just do.


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