A Bit of Bouncing

We have good days and bad but we still keep going.

When I see BeAnne like this, playing with her family, it helps remind me that our little dog has a huge amount of wanting to live.

Note Monster’s approach to all of this!  Total disdain.

We try and go for a little potter every day. I have learned my lesson and, when outside in the fields, Her Maj is on the extending lead all times.  I let her take me where she wants to go.

Today it was in search of the bunnies! Tis the season.

BeAnne enjoyed herself very much, just sniffing about and pottering slowly.

So, we are still going because that’s what BeAnne wants.  She enjoys her life.

7 thoughts on “A Bit of Bouncing

  1. Sam

    How lucky is BeAnne to have you and know you will LISTEN to her. Nice to see her playing even if Monster is mightly unimpressed.

  2. Nicki

    That’s lovely to watch. Can’t beat a bit of bouncy ball to bring smiles all around Well done BeAnne enjoy those bunny hunts too

  3. Linda

    I’ve always done the same thing with our dog(s); I think of it as being “their walk” – a chance for them to be in “their world” for awhile…

  4. diane in northern wis

    Love the video of your family with BeAnne. So cute. Funny to see Monster sitting there watching all the action.

  5. Dot

    Our cats like bouncing after ping pong balls, but that’s not a game for cat plus dog to play together! A bit of play time is good for everyone, happy times are valuable.


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