The Chapel of Our Lady

Yesterday, we went to see the King of the Cocos Island’s Shetland home.  Next to the settlement (on the right of the photo) is a small enclosed graveyard that also has a story to tell.

From Ancient Monuments’ webpage:-

There is a tradition that two wealthy sisters founded the chapel, after surviving a storm off the coast of Shetland, during which they vowed to Our Lady that they would erect a church in her honour on the spot at which they were able to land. Our Lady’s Chapel was apparently held in special regard by fisherman and mariners, and by women seeking husbands. It seems to have remained a place of pilgrimage after the Reformation of 1560, which was interpreted by observers as evidence of superstition or idolatry amongst Shetlanders.

There is not much left of Our Lady’s Chapel now – from what I can gather, it is defined by the grassy mound which are the foundations.

By 1878 the Chapel no longer existed but the graveyard is still in use.

We didn’t go in – the gate was not helpful so we just peered over the walls and wondered.

The sheep watched on.

And here is a bit of a Shetland oddity – we saw a large (larger than life) saggy sofa in the middle of a field, made out of (I think) concrete.  It has been there for years and I know nothing about it except that it makes me smile every time I see it!  Most strange.

3 thoughts on “The Chapel of Our Lady

  1. Claire

    Thanks for taking us on this little excursion. We really enjoyed the pictures and the narration. Lots of things to wonder about.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love all the pictures, Frances. What interesting history and what a unique cemetery with such a great view. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure. Cute sofa! Probably not too comfortable!


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