Nerves of Steel

I am just back from wearing my brave pants for driving to see my mother in hospital.  Well, all I can say is that nerves of steel are mandatory for driving in Berkshire and Surrey – I am still shaking but I did it. Having learned to drive in 1984 in London, I should be used to this but, even so, it was a trial by fire.

This morning, Flossie and I lifted Mum’s potatoes.  A few months’ back she had planted some pink firs and had been meaning to dig ’em up so we did them for her.

A nice little harvest and I showed Mum photos of her efforts.

We have put the tatties in racks to dry in the dark and then will bag them up in paper for later.

I brought with me some TurmerItch for dogs for Ted.  He is prone to itchy skin so I am giving him a daily “slice” and in return he sported the necessary bandana! He looked very nifty in it. A dear boy.  I haven’t seem Ted scratching today and I groom him in the evening for as long as he will let me  Hopefully the TurmerItch will help his coat too.

So handsome! ❤️


5 thoughts on “Nerves of Steel

  1. Sam

    yep, nerves of steel are needed in strange cities. Brave you! Those potatoes look yummy. But teddy looks fab in his new bandana!

  2. Shelley

    We recently moved back to Los Angeles after 30 years and although I learned to drive here, there was a steep learning curve to pick up where I’d left off! L.A. is a car city and folks here drive FAST on the Freeway and the city roads. “Where’s the fire”? I want to ask them. After a year, I’m more bold now but shakey knees at first.

    Your Mum’s garden is beautiful in the Fall Frances, as I suspected it would be. Thanks for sharing.

  3. diane in northern wis

    so glad you made it through your very scary drive to the hospital. Hope your mom will be able to get out soon. Sorry that you and Floss are there for such a sad reason, but continuing to pray that things will get better. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop, Frances.


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