Missing Horses

I looked out of my bedroom window this morning and there were no horses.  My vista covers 98% of the field I put the horses in yesterday.  They had vanished.  Not a horse to be seen. BN2A0500 BN2A0503

Then I noticed something.  The gate to the next field (only about 30 acres small) was open – PANIC!


As I had two NHS appointments today, one in Lerwick and one at my local Health Centre, I did not really have enough time to go traipsing around looking for hidden horses.

Luckily the Gods smiled.  Aha!  I found them snoring behind the shed, the only blind spot.

BN2A0505 BN2A0508

Taktur was removed and taken to his food and I left the lads to get on with their morning snooze.

BN2A0519 BN2A0521

Sadly once up, they all had other ideas.  Begging.  This is the garden gate.  So I set BeAnne onto them.  I do not tolerate standing by fences trying to look thin.  They are not convincing.


Fat chance of food with the emphasis on the word FAT!


Taktur was eating his Handsome Prince food.  The tyre is to stop him putting his foot in it and tipping the world’s most expensive horse feed all over the place (that is boring and very irritating).


Bjørn, his trainer, has also asked that Taktur has a haynet.  So I left him with his tied up on the shed door.  He ate about half of it and then wandered off unenthusiastically.


I found him asleep outside my front door.  I give up – I can’t force him to eat or put on weight.  I am holding out for the spring grass.




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