When you come to visit

When you come to visit, this is what happens.

Please expect to be dragged out to meet everyone.

Whether you want to or not.

Please proffer nose-kisseys, which will be gracefully accepted.

Please walk around if you want to talk to everyone as some are busy eating.

Then, please ask to see The Minions.

Please expect formal introductions to be made.

Please hug, if appropriate.


Please bring carrots.

As they are always gratefully received.

But, most of all, please be prepared!

We love visitors.  We all do!


4 thoughts on “When you come to visit

  1. Terri

    Lucky, lucky visitor! (and she’s wearing the 2015 Shetland Wool Week Baa-ble Hat!)
    Yesterday I went to the local Flock and Fiber Festival and saw myriad varieties of sheep — I thought about the Boyzenberries as I stroked their wool….Some pretty cute ones there too!

  2. Sam

    Good to know what one should bring to be loved by this crew. Now to start plans on how & when to travel from New England to Shetland….


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