Off Again

My daughters and I are going south again for Floss’ graduation.  We are staying with my mother for two nights and then off to Oxford for the ceremony – a full gown and mortar board job.

I am trying to pack but I keep being diverted.

I know we are only going for a few days but you try telling that to some.

We are back on the boat Saturday night arriving Sunday morning as there are no flights to Shetland on Saturday afternoon – ridiculous.

So hopefully we won’t be missed too much.

OH is very kindly holding the fort.

Now, off to iron all my clothes as I will be judged if I don’t!

Sorry this is short, and there won’t be anything again until Sunday, but I haven’t even begun to pack and we off at the crack of sparrows tomorrow.  Ugh!  A 05:00 start.

4 thoughts on “Off Again

  1. Sam

    While it may be a vile time to leave, the reason is a grand one. Yes, you will be missed and yes, there will be much sulking. But a graduation is wonderful news.

  2. diane in northern wisconsin

    Congrats to Floss! Have a terrific time. I will miss you and your beautiful photos and great comments always. Hope you take photos while you’re away.

  3. Terri

    Congratulations Flossie! Hooray for you! Hope you all have a wonderful trip!
    PS Lovely photos of BeAnne, Wussums, and Loki! (what a handsome bunch)


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