Vitamin Goes To Fat Camp

This morning I moved Vitamin to Fat Camp.

Six acres of this!


Vitamin will have a fat friend (not this mare but a fat gelding) who is of similar proportions.


I have the made the right decision and although she is leaving her dear friend Delia, we will have hopefully averted any potential laminitis attacks.


Vitamin may not be very impressed with my decision but she will thank me for it later when she doesn’t get laminitis and has a svelte new figure instead.  Just one attack of laminitis can affect the rest of their lives.

BN2A0848  BN2A0851 BN2A0858

Anyway, Vitamin has a nice view to look at!


Raw Deal, on the other hoof, was very upset when Vitamin left.  She shouted continuously for her old friend and BeAnne howled to keep her company.   Together they sounded pathetic and I felt cruel, mean and awful.  I talked to Bjørn at Bergli Stud, and he offered to take Delia and her with his standard Shetland pony mares.

I took Delia over and she instantly perked up.  She told everyone what she thought of them and became head of the herd so now has 5 other mares to rule.  When they have finished the bale of silage in their field, then she and a friend will come back to mine.


2 thoughts on “Vitamin Goes To Fat Camp

  1. Linda K

    Gosh – she’ll need to travel about a fair bit to find any grass. I suppose that’s the idea. Glad that Delia has found new friends. Is it due to her age that the other mares have accepted her right away as the head of the herd, or did she just barge in and assume the role! Herd politics are interesting.


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