A different day

Today, I took OH into hospital (GBH – best name ever! – Gilbert Bain Hospital) for his cholecystectomy – or gall bladder removal.

On my way home, I saw the most recent lambies that have been born.  Because the weather is very changeable (snow, rain, sleet, sun, whatever …..) I saw that a crofter had dressed his precious little lambies in wonderful mackintoshes.  I am sure it makes all the difference between life and death.


Today, this year’s colour is yellow.


Last year it was orange.  It is good to see that these little lambies have protection from the elements.  Hypothermia is a major killer of newborns.


So, I am on my way home from GBH (still sniggering to myself) and I saw a heron or hegri (Shetland dialect).  Wonderful birds that always look so special and dignified.


Once I got home, guess who I saw hanging around the gate?  Lambert.  My dear little ‘Bert.


I called to him but he has 100% disowned us.  Funny that he is spends time hanging around the gate to Thordale.  His choice and I would have him back in a heartbeat but he has to want to come home.


At the moment, in ‘Bert’s world, we do not exist but I am glad he is happy and has made it through the crap winter.  I think he has discovered girls (he is castrated).


From my kitchen window, Brá is eating the new grass in the sheep field.


Everyday, Brá asks to come out of the big field.  She wants to be by herself and that is fine.  She gets some “Mare and Youngstock” mix, a section of haylage and I throw the odd carrot at her as well.

I make sure we have a chat and that is good as we are building on her trust relationship with me.


Such a nice mare – any day now. (still not panicking – ok, still panicking)

OH is home – all well.  Thank the Gods.

6 thoughts on “A different day

  1. Carol Wood

    So, let me get this right. You took OH to GBH for a bit of GBR????

    Hope he recovers soon, love reading your blog 🙂

  2. Linda K

    Love the lamb coats. If Lambert is hanging around, perhaps he would like to come home, and bring some friends with him. Everything crossed for Bra and her foal.

  3. Linda

    Glad to hear the operation went well. Here’s to a swift recovery!

    (Loved that comment about “throwing the odd carrot at Bra” – hope she knows how to duck 😉

  4. Sam

    Glad to hear OH is back home. Great to see Lambert even if he does not want his mum around.
    Keeping fingers crossed for Bra – remember the medical gin!


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