Sunday Afternoon Sleep

Look who I found this afternoon on my way out to Lyradale – it was such a sweet picture that I had to go back for my camera.

Little Newt was fast-a-bye-byes in a fish box of silage!

Dearest Delia keeping an eye on both the little boys and even pushed Newt’s head back up when he nearly nodded off his new favourite pillow (bless her wonderful cotton socks – she is such a perfect “grandmother”).

Delia was eating next to him.  I always leave a big pile of silage by their bed/shelter for snacking, because you just never know and it is so wet and miserable at the moment.  It is not cold, though.  Their rugs are off.


“Everyone should have a fishbox of silage for a pillow.”

And then Delia nodded off too, leaving Tor in charge.

Zzzzzzz……. A Sunday afternoon zizz.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Sleep

  1. Sally Richmond

    What wonderful photos…I look forward to the evening when I can look at your post as seeing the little Shetlands and your beautiful island lifts me no matter what sort of day I have had. Thank you and please keep posting, you and the little ones are really appreciated.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    They obviously feel completely safe and secure to be so relaxed and so soundly asleep. They must have known they had a good, reliable ‘watchdog’!!

  3. Linda

    Just when I think Newt couldn’t get any cuter…what a sweetie-pie!
    Perfect photos of a sleepy naptime Sunday afternoon…


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