So Much Mud

We were doing ok this winter.  The fields were holding up well and remained fairly dry.

And then it rained – serious rain.  The wet, falling out of the sky in bucket loads sort of rain.

And now we have mud.

It is the kind of mud that you only walk in if you know a safe route through.  The kind that when you take a step you also take on the gamble of whether your wellington boot will follow too or you will be hopping about in soaking socks swearing.

It is all rather getting to us now, as you can see.

But we struggle on.

We tell ourselves that at some stage, there will be a good Shetland wind that will dry it all up and we will forget for a few slightly warmer months just how bad it was.

To be fair the fields are not all mud.

The horses can get out of it so it is their choice if they want to stand fetlock-deep getting even filthier.

The old ones are fine, really.  They don’t care.  They know how it works.  Lose your shoes in the mud and you can get out of work!

It is little Efstur I feel sorry for most.  He is hating it.

But love, hugs and carrots usually do the trick.

Yes, I told Haakon off for doing this – twanging the fence.

A heinous crime!

Spring is trying to make an appearance.  The oyster-catchers are back – always a good sign as they shout and laugh at each other.

Our garden is beginning to show some colour.

Seeing all this convinces me that the mud might dry up one day!  Spring is here!

5 thoughts on “So Much Mud

  1. Gwen

    yes my garden is starting to show signs of spring, so we hope for a nice spring then I can get outside into the garden and do some work lol

  2. Linda

    We’re getting a lot of rain too, and the dog is absolutely morose.
    However…a big HOORAY for some (any) Spring color! Saw my first pussy willow buds the other day, but you’ve got way more in blooming flowers and plants. A bit of Spring hope, right?!

  3. Louise

    I feel your pain, I am sick of the mud! Cheltenham week usually brings some warm dry weather, we can live in hope x


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