Storm in a Teacup

I have spent the day cleaning the house and making chocolate brownies in preparation for Daisy’s, my elder daughter, return so here are some more photos from yesterday.  I know, cheap cop-out, but the house is filthy and I must look at least like I made an effort.

This is Lambie’s spot in the garden. He doesn’t like the coarse wind (still cold here) but he loves sitting in the sunshine. This fish box is perfect Lambie size and he sits outside for hours, unless it rains and them he comes scuttling into the kitchen bleating his complaint.


If you are worrying about little Storm (of not dissimilar in colour), he is fine and enjoying life.


I even think he has put on a bit of weight and I am very pleased about this.


He is still, and I think will always be, a Mummy’s boy.  He is so earnest and honest.


But behind this Cuthbert Fotherington-Thomas exterior is a terror who has very lovely and effective teeth!

BN2A0456 BN2A0473  BN2A0453

I love this picture – Storm is determined to bite the Waffle bottom if it would just stop running away.


I haven’t forgotten about Silver.  He is staying away from me as he hates having his winter coat brushed out.  He has never forgiven me for trying to pull his foal-tats off.


Anyway, everyone plays endlessly and they never stop trying to find ways to annoy each other.  It is a full-time job and one they are totally committed too.


Anyway, it is fun watching them all galloping about, kicking up their heels.


4 thoughts on “Storm in a Teacup

  1. Terri

    Welcome home, Daisy! (Hope you love Lambie as much as your Mum!)
    Look at those happy, healthy Minions!

  2. Susan Friedland-Smith

    Those fun pictures of your ponies playing seriously remind me of my daily “dog fight” between my Golden Retriever and Doberman. They have some of the same moves. They are relentless and always game to play battle it out. And the little Lambie has stolen my heart! You have amazing animals!


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