Butter wouldn’t Melt in his mouth

Little Tiddles always looks all innocent, delicious and cuddly-wuddly.  Not a bad thought, never a bad word, always a sweetheart.

Oh yes.


He is darling little boy with a lovely hair-do.


He moves beautifully, in a lovely outline and pointing toe-toes, giving Totilas a run for his money.


He would make a superb jousting pony, if we could find a jockey small enough!  Why am I suddenly thinking of Sir Didymus and Ambrosius?  I can see BeAnne doing this….


And what is the buzz-word at the moment in the horse world? – ah, yes, scopey! (bleugh)  

Tiddles is scopey.

“The word can be used in relation to movement or conformation. If a horse moves fluidly,lightly and with good reach and suspension that can mean “scopey””.


As one of the boys, Tiddles gives as good as he gets now.  Silver was in the field with Kappi being a grown-up.


Tiddles’ BFF (best friend forever) is still Storm.


Storm puts up with a great deal of aggro from this little midge and he is very nice about the endless torment.


Tiddles just has this wicked side that appears occasionally, ok most days!



3 thoughts on “Butter wouldn’t Melt in his mouth

  1. Terri

    Tiddles is a diffferent creature from the unhappy, withdrawn boy you first encountered. He has blossomed, trusts others — and he has a BFF!
    You have “made a difference” (in Herriot-speak) to Tiddles, and the other Minions, and Lambie, and Rosebud, and Vida Rose, and Jack, and Loki, and, and, and….
    Bless you! xos

  2. Linda K

    Mmm yes, I didn’t like to mention it before but I have noticed an occasional maniacal glint in his eye.
    His confidence has come on leaps and bounds. What an achievement. He’s a happy boy!


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