Sorry Ladies

It had to be done.  They could stay there no longer.

So we brought Fivla and Vitamin home to go on their summer diet.

Daisy spent yesterday afternoon constructing a good electric fence across part of the scattald (open hill).

There is a triangle of land that lies between my neighbour’s field and Clothie (where the pregnant ladies now live).

Water runs through it too, which is useful.

Before we fenced this field off, I asked permission from my neighbour, his tenant, the crofter who has sheep on the hill and the Grazings Clerk to make this make-shift paddock, explaining why (dangerously fat pony and her friend) and I have their permission to do this. It is not a permanent fixture.

The girls will stay here for the summer.

The photos somehow make the fenced-off hill look better pasture than it actually is.  This is rough grazing with low calories and roughage.

Needs must.

The ones I feel sorry for most are Hetja and Brá.  Their faces fell when they saw the “baby bores” arrive.  Fivla and Vitamin had spent the winter in the next door field telling them endless stories of their pregnancies.   You know the type.  We’ve all met them!

The ladies didn’t even go over to say hello.

5 thoughts on “Sorry Ladies

  1. Sam

    Must be hard to have baby knowledge that the New Ones won’t listen to. And then to have to DIET??? The horrors of it all!

  2. Helen

    I’ve just had old Welsh mountain pony Leisa diagnosed with PPID so she is confined behind an electric fence too I love Alex More foal pics please


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