Meet Precious

This is Precious – a miniature Shetland pony filly born on Thursday morning.

We are helping out the breeder because Precious was a “red bag delivery”.

From The Horse Channel – “Red bag delivery” is a layperson’s term for premature separation of the placenta prior to or during a mare’s foaling.

The mare is on a course of antibiotics (intra-muscular) and, as we are on site 24/7, we can administer them.  The mare was very unwell after the birth and nearly died.

The mare is not maternal towards her baby so we are encouraging bonding, nursing and pushing as much food, ie green grass and hard feed into Mum as possible, while getting as much milk into Precious as well.  This is the mare’s first and only foal and she is not sure what to do but she is an easy mare and Precious is very hungry.  We sometimes hold the mare as she tends to walk away mid-suck.  She has now discovered carrots and is easily bribed!

OH has very kindly (but is not happy) let them into his garden.  He was only saying the other day how he wished the grass was shorter.  Well, now it will be!

Someone else is very aware that there is a pretty lady-girl nearby so Precious and her mother can only have access to the garden grass if they are supervised.

The others don’t care at all.

BeAnne, however, is thrilled.

This is her new little family.

I have just measured BeAnne.  She is 13″ tall to her “withers”.

Anyway, this little duo will stay with us for at least a week.  The breeder wants to give the foal a chance.


We are all aware that Precious’ legs are not the best.

And please don’t tell me your opinion about them.  We are here to help, not to judge.

We are all doing our best for them.


19 thoughts on “Meet Precious

    1. Frances Post author

      I want her Mum to be attached, not me so I am deliberately not hugging or making her my best friend.

  1. Vivienne

    My best thoughts to Precious and Mam….very few things are perfect in this world, and Precious probably has a long struggle ahead, but she is being given a chance, which is all you can do. Best of luck to you all.

  2. Linda

    We know Precious and her mum are in the best hands possible…and with BeAnn as company for the foal what more could they ask for?
    I’m feeling pretty positive for them both, because of your ability to do rescues like this so very well, Frances.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    They couldn’t be in a better place. The foal has a beautiful face! And BeAnne has clearly decided she has a major part to play – the pictures of the two of them lying head to head are ‘lump in throat’ inducing! Fingers crossed for a happy outcome.

  4. Gwen Jamieson

    BeAnne is doing wonders for precious, and I love seeing them together with the mammy lovely wee foal

  5. Liz Reid

    Even these ‘not quite there’ foals have a right to life if they fight for it. I have one of those here, born nine years ago to an older mare (was her last foal), and Thora may not win any beauty pageants in the Shettie world, but she makes everyone smile and all who have met her love her to bits, even her dentist when she’s doing a circus pony on her hind legs routine.

    Little Precious will be the delight of some small child or as a first pony for an older lady who has always wanted a pony. They do have their place in this world, and Precious will find hers.

  6. Michelle

    What a wee one! Thanks for adding BeAnne’s height; it adds to the perspective. Glad the mare isn’t aggressive towards the “wolf;” some mares would be.

  7. Darby

    My heart goes out to these two beautiful souls, and BeAnne is such a a treasure. and so are you for helping them. sending healing thoughts for baby and her momma.

  8. Sherry Walter

    She is beautiful (and miraculous) just the way she is. And oh, how hard it must be not to hug & kiss!

  9. Terri

    Everything about this is precious! The photos of Head Nurse BeAnne and Precious are beyond sweet. (Also love OH’s tulips, so pretty!) Thanks for giving this new, struggling mum and her tiny filly a chance — they got off to a rough start, but there’s hope.

  10. Sam

    Welcome, Precious and Mum! BeAnne is a grand Auntie to have and Frances is loving, attentive and firm. So thank her with letting this bebe grow into her legs!


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