Snow and Bedrooms

The snow finally arrived yesterday evening.  It got colder and nastier by the minute all day until we had substantial flurries and it started to settle.

Knowing this was going to happen and the snow would be around for a few more days, I got the equine bedrooms ready.

I have a system which I put into place.

I shouted to the boys and put them in their stable.  I didn’t want Taktur screaming his head off at Hetja and distracting everyone with his obvious handsomeness.  Haakon and Iacs were in the little stall as Haakon gets very stressed living with Kappi.

(This is before I put in the hay and more sawdust down otherwise the chickens just wander in  and shit everywhere)


Then I opened the big shed doors, went out and caught Hetja in her field across the hill, mid blizzard, and hoped the others would follow.  Of course they did.  My theory was if they wanted to spend the night in a blizzard, then go them.

This morning, every cone had been played with, moved and/or thrown about.


After that, it was the Sheep’s turn.  This is their night-time quarters.


It is well ventilated and they share nicely.


OH made a sheep-door as the roof was beginning to lift in the last storm.  This has solved the problem and they happily hop in and out.


This morning, everyone was let out, fed I fed and then they all dispersed to find grazing.


Or annoy.


This time of year is always very beautiful.

If you look very carefully, you can see Fair Isle on the horizon in the photograph immediately below.

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3 thoughts on “Snow and Bedrooms

  1. Terri

    Glad everyone was safely tucked in. I love the light in the last three photos! (thanks for pointing out Fair Isle) Stay warm and dry….


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