Still Got It

My 21 year old Icelandic horse, Haakon from Camster, occasionally stops being the grown-up of the group and likes a game.

(Don’t you think he looks very prehistoric in his winter coat?  Almost a Przewalski’s horse.  In fact, genetic analyses have revealed links between the Mongolian horse and the Icelandic horse.)


Uncanny. They could be twins. Same belly!


Anyway, the old fool enjoys a good game with his second-best friend, Taktur.  Iacs, of course,is his first-best friend.

It was Haakon starting the Game of Crocodiles too.

Crocodiles involves wandering around with your mouth open while just innocently happening to “resting your teeth” on your victim.  You then hang on for grim death or until they react.

BN2A8645BN2A8622 BN2A8623 BN2A8637   BN2A8644

If anyone says horses do not have a sense of humour, then show them this photo.  I completely disagree and can only think those that think it are probably very boring themselves.

BN2A8647 BN2A8658

Anyway, the boys’ games disintegrated and resulted in being shouted at.


Rugs are sacred and cost the earth.


I told Haakon that the rug cost more than he probably does these days – so they both adopted an innocent-sulky look.


They continued to play when I went into the house.  I know this because Taktur’s rug was undone at the neck straps this evening.


4 thoughts on “Still Got It

  1. Linda K

    Haakon is obviously a happy old fool. I think he’d look quite at home on a Mongolia plain. I like the first photo of him, he looks very intelligent!

  2. Cassie

    He does look a bit primitive. I’ve noticed the Przewalski’s look to him before. They are such funny crocodiles.

    I’ve finally mailed off your See’s chocolates. It may take two weeks. You get to decide what you like better: brittle or toffee. Enjoy!


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