A day in Lerwick after the flute lesson, but I managed to get out and take some photos after the morning chores before we left.


Tomorrow is promising some “delightful” weather.


In Floss’ absence, I am riding Klængur.  It is fun and we go out and about at least twice a week.  He works very hard and his powerful tölt is wonderful fun.


The little ones tend to stick together.  It makes my heart warm to see Albie just being “one of the guys”.


It was meant to be.


We have kept Albie in his rug as he needs the extra layer at the moment.


Despite what Storm says, he is not getting his rug.


Tiddles has made, I think, a complete recovery from his ordeal. I still shudder when I think about it and can’t get the image of seeing only his nostrils, eyes and little ears sticking out of the water.


This morning we found Delia without her rug on.  It was trashed in another part of the field and I think irrepairable, though we will know more when it has dried properly.  Meanwhile, she has her thicker rug on and I hope she can manage to keep it in place this time. She seemed a bit wary of us when we approached with the rug so probably had a “gluff” (scare) when she lost the other one.  The leg strap clips were broken so it must’ve blown over her head which is horrid for a horse.


Haakon and Iacs are looking fabularse with the emphasis on the word arse!  Not bad for old men.  They are ridden two or three times a week.


We just really need to get Fivla slimmer.  Work-in-progress, I think.  Possibly forever.


3 thoughts on “Outside

  1. Linda

    Albie’s little colt face is SO sweet…
    Again (and again) it’s wonderful to see BeAnn looking so well – and reading that Tiddles is on the mend (mentally).
    All’s well in your horsey kingdom 🙂

  2. Sam

    Sorry Delia got a fright with the wayward rug. But seeing Albie being one of The Minions is a wonderful sight! Perhaps this will start to erase your memory of Tiddles’ ordeal.


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