War Continues – Upping the Stakes

Some little horses do not want to believe me about the newly-erected electric fence.


And all I can say is more fool them!


Yesterday, when we were in town, I bought a new 9v dry battery to replace the one in the energiser.  I was not sure whether last year’s battery was still doing quite the job it should be.  Between us, Daisy and I managed to put the new one in and attach it accordingly.  Hardly rocket science but we struggled to open the energiser.  Luckily OH had sent us off with Daisy’s little toolbox that he had packed for her when she was at university.  The screwdriver did it.  We forced it open, removed the old battery, and replaced it with a new extra-zappy one!


No one was impressed.


Daisy spent some time afterwards telling them not to touch the fence ever again, let alone jump over it (Waffle).


And I sent them off with a flea in their collective pony ears and told them to stop loitering with intent.  I know what they are thinking.  Yes, I do!

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Suddenly Waffle decided he was going to annoy someone and he chose Vitamin.


Vitamin is not known for her huge sense of humour.


So she reversed into him instead!


That’s my girl.  Large and in charge!


5 thoughts on “War Continues – Upping the Stakes

    1. Frances Post author

      It can do both, but I need to buy the clips to turn it into a 12 volt car one. Also as it is kept outwith the field, I don’t want little fingers involved.


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