Minion Measurements

The measuring stick came out today.  I wanted to see just how much the boys have grown this year.

The tallest is Silver who is 34.5″.  His parents are 33″ and 35″ so his height is about right for who he is.


He would be classed as a midi type.


Then there is Waffle who is 34″, spot on but his parents are both 38″.


Waffle should be taller. Although hee is probably 38″ wide and in perfect proportion, Waffle is officially classed as a Miniature Shetland pony – from two standard sized parents.  Nuff said.  Poor boy.  The damage has been done.  There is no getting taller.


Next up is Tiddles who has shot up and is a huge 31.75″. His parents are both 31.5″.


Tids was never particularly starved but utterly miserable and depressed.  He has changed hugely this year to become a perky little chap who is gentle and kind.


Lastly is Storm who has returned to the shortest in the group.  He is 31.5″.  His parents are both 32.5″ so he is only slightly smaller.


But Storm plans on growing by fair means or foul.  He likes to stand on top of the muck heap as that makes him seem taller to passers-by.  If he eats the contents, he reckons that might help too.  He is the type of guy who would secretly wear stacks in his shoes and deny it.


I don’t think anyone is going to do much more growing in height, though I may be wrong of course.

And in this photo, Storm looks taller but the ground is uneven and I have been thinking for a while that Tiddles has grown.


Still, I love them no matter their size.


3 thoughts on “Minion Measurements

  1. Terri

    It’s so wonderful to see how these boys have thrived under your loving care. Whatever their height, they look healthy. Kudos!


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