The Green Green Grass

I wanted to move my mares into the hay field so Delia can put on weight (and I can perhaps put off the inevitable or at least know I tried everything).


The hay field is nearly 2 acres big (an L shape) and it has not been touched since it was cut for silage in July.


Everyone always loves living in this field.


The ladies did not have to asked twice.  They were lead in and just about waited nicely to have their headcollars removed before they all, to a man, galloped off at great speed.  A hippopotamus stampede!


After filling their water trough, I went to look for them to check they were settled.  They were round the corner stuffing their faces and I think, if I had tried to catch them again, I would’ve failed dismally.


So much grass – so little time!  My theory is that it might set Raw Deal up for the winter.  She looks fat and well now and I would love her to keep a while longer if she is not suffering.


Everyone is looking good and it has been a kind October.


We will see.


4 thoughts on “The Green Green Grass

  1. Linda K

    More love and hugs for Delia. She’s lovely and she has a kind face. Of course you want to do everything you can for her. She certainly looks as if she has plenty of padding and a thick woolly coat to keep the worst of the cold weather at bay.

  2. Darby

    Delia certainly looks wonderful! All your animals seem to flourish under your care.
    Fingers crossed for a good Winter.


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