Lifting the Spirits

The nights are rather ghastly at the moment, while the mornings after are very odd too so, to lift my spirits whenever we can, weather permitting (there are limits), Daisy and I go out for a ride.


This morning Haakon (me), Iacs (Daisy) and BeAnne set off for a saunter.


On these occasions, when I am not the full shilling, I admit to riding as a total passenger.   I get on, clip myself in and that’s that. Haakon makes the decisions.

I don’t bother picking up the reins.  I can’t see the point really.


Iacs is given a similar degree of trust as long as he doesn’t abuse it.


It doesn’t take very long.


His mode d’emploi is to quietly creep up alongside me and then ask if he could relieve me of the many carrots that he knows I keep about my person.  He is alway very polite but insistent.


So, I sat on board enjoying the view.  We even went up the canter track.  Haakon was enthusiastic to start with and then slowed back down.  We left the youngsters to do their own thing.

Onwards and upwards into The North.


Haakon always likes to stop and admire the view.


While he does, Iacs goes in for the kill.


Unsuccessful, we turn around and head for home.l1240041

When Iacs tries his begging, Daisy does “ahem” and “tch”.  Iacs knows it is wrong but, as I just mostly laugh, he maintains that one day I will give in.


You could say that Iacs is a glass-half-full kinda guy.


This morning’s ride was just what I needed.


It set me up to face the next lot of hellery that lies in wait.

2 thoughts on “Lifting the Spirits

  1. Linda K

    I’m sure the fresh air and a ride with Haakon would have lifted your spirits, I hope you’re not in too much pain and that you continue to improve. Sending best wishes x

  2. Terri

    Fresh air and exercise are good for everyone. At least your days are better than your nights! (I don’t know how you cope…it sounds awful.)


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