Lambie’s Addiction

A lovely day, today.

I slept last night and am tentatively beginning to feel that my body may be starting to calm down.

This afternoon, I decided to go for a walk.  I asked Lambie and ‘Ster if they wanted to come too. There was no interest so I set off without them with BeAnne for company.


Just as I reached the road, I turned back to see Lambie trying to catch me up.  He had changed his mind.

l1240048 l1240049

So, off we went, an unusual three, but all perfectly happy with each other’s company.

l1240054 l1240056

I let Lambie and BeAnne do their own thing, as long as it is safe.


Lambie has a penchant for thistles.


He eats them very carefully, but he is tempted by every thistle he sees on the side of the road.


Sometimes he giggles to himself about the prickles. His little tail wags with happiness.


One girl and her sheep.  Together.  As it should be.


And then Lambie finds another thistle and had to run fast to catch me up again.


“Muzzah, wait for me!”


Afterwards, we sat outside in the sun, while I double podded broadbeans and we all listened to Classic FM.

l1240075 l1240076 l1240077

This is how I heal best, I think.


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