BeAnne is Lonely

BeAnne is different now.  She is very down and has little or no enjoyment in life.  Her spark has gone. Everyone in the family is noticing it.  This is the first time in her life BeAnne has ever been on her own.

I am wondering whether she needs a friend and quickly before she gets used to feeling miserable.  Cat or dog?  My plan was to take her to Turriefield, where I pack veg, but she wouldn’t follow me so I put her on a lead and she grudgingly came too.

On our way to the car, we went past the horses.

Efstur’s new rug has arrived and, huzzah, it fits!

I had warned the Turriefield folk that I was bringing Her Maj.  While we packed and distributed the veg, she quietly took herself away.

Anyway, at Turrifield there is a wonderful little cat, called Trotsky, who played with BeAnne last August when he was a kitten.  Once we had finished with the veg, Trotsky was brought in.

Trotsky remembered BeAnne and she seemed genuinely pleased to see him.

(this little film was when Trotsky and BeAnne first met in August 2017)

Now six months on.

There was the statutory sniffing.

A nose booff from Trotsky for his canine friend.

And another.  He really was pleased to see BeAnne and remembered her.

But then BeAnne took herself away again.

They didn’t stay together for very long as we had just about finished.  There was almost a tiny bit of playing – but I am not sure.

So, now I don’t know.  A little puppy?  BeAnne has huge mothering instincts or a cat, as she does like cats, though her body language above is a bit worried.  She did like Wu.  He was a good friend.

And she mothered Lambie when he was little.

26 thoughts on “BeAnne is Lonely

  1. Jan Knight

    Poor BeAnne , it’s hit her hard then. You are all in shock over Loki and perhaps she senses that. A new friend could be just the ticket. Take care all

  2. Kate Woolley

    Dear little BeeAnne how lonely she must feel. That wonderful photo of Loki and her running on the beach ,both of them are laughing. I agree, she needs another creature to love.

  3. Celeste Nossiter

    BeAnne definitely needs a new friend. Cat, dog, lamb…also think about what you want around the house too. Maybe take her to a shelter – if you have one – and let her pick out a buddy.

  4. louise whyte

    lots of little rommie kittens are looking for homes at the moment, puppies as well. But so many everywhere, get one of each!

  5. Trish

    I agree she does need a little furry friend ….and soon. I’m thinking a puppy just in case a kitten is scared of a dog. Then again how about one of each – they can grow up together and you’ve got both bases covered! Best of luck.xx

  6. Sally Richmond

    Poor BeAnne. When our Bonny died a year ago it took our younger dog several months to stop pining. Even now she craves doggy company when we are out.
    I think a puppy would be best, they speak the same language..

  7. Terri

    Yes, BeAnne is grieving too — missing her friends. Why not a kitten and a puppy? (If introduced at the proper age, animals accept other species.) But you wrote that you’ve almost always had a cat, so perhaps first get a kitty. What do the rest of your (indoors) family think? Too bad BeAnne can’t talk.

    1. Terri

      PS On second thought: perhaps a kitten AND a puppy would cover all the bases:, the kitty to fill your heart’s need, and the new dog because BeAnne has so much fun with a buddy, running on the beach and other outdoor activities. She would probably like the kitten too! (None of my business, don’t mean to be presumptuous.)

  8. Margaret Robinson

    I was a little worried that suggesting a canine for your family and as BeAnne, but changed my mind………I agree with those that have suggested not only a puppy (or maybe one slightly older) and a new kitten (or oe slightly older). Let BeAnne help choose.

    There, our work is done for the day! Think about all the suggestions, but get out there and do it!!!!!!!

  9. Margaret Robinson

    By-the-by —– BeAnne is doing exactly what all of you are doing ——– she’s grieving. She’s lost 2 of her friends and though they handle deaths/absences much better than humans in many ways, BeAnne’s at a loss.

    You all need a tad space and room to grieve………..then go find some animals that need you as much as you need them!

  10. Sam

    Animals really do grieve. I had a Maine Coon boy who lost his cat buddy. I was not ready to add a new cat but the vet said my boy needed one ASAP. Best decision I made. Ask the human family their preference for cat or dog. Then get one. BeAnne will thank you for it. In time your heart will also thank you.

  11. Jane Fuhrmann

    I don’t think she would mind if it was a cat or a dog/pup. Either would be her friend before long. She needs you to decide for her. X

  12. Judith Garbutt

    Feel for you all. I’m sure the next animal – cat or dog – will find you when the time is right. xx

  13. Cathy

    Poor little BeAnne, I thought she might grieve for Loki. So sad to see her so dejected but how lovely to see how she and Trotsky have remembered each other. I agree you need to find her a new friend, we should never doubt that they feel a loss as badly as we do. You all need that special welcome home that only our pets give us.

  14. Darby

    it’s heartbreaking to see BeAnne so broken. she has no idea what has happened to her friends. I agree with everyone that she needs a companion. I think either kitten or puppy would ( or one of each) do the trick. too bad there are no local shelters. I am betting that this time of year you could most easily find a dear little kitty needing a home.

  15. Robyn

    BeAnne’s sorrowful little face speaks volumes. She is telling you how sad she is. I agree with everyone that she needs a new friend or two to lift her mood. It will also be good for the whole household. You all need some happiness after such sadness and animals give great joy. Where can you find new friends for Beanne Frances? Can you post a “Wanted” note on the community notice board or advertise in the newspaper?

  16. Louise

    Whatever you add to your family, this or these new one/s will need to fully engage YOUR attention too because BeAnne is picking up on your feelings too. It looks like she sees herself as your dog and she’s sad because you are sad too.

    I’m going to buck the trend here and say get a baby duck or alpaca or something different in addition to another dog or kitten. Are there pea fowl where you are? That’s definitely different. Is there an older parrot who needs a home?

  17. Louise Stopford

    It’s got to be one of each a kitten and a puppy. All round winner, you will be giving 2 animals a loving home and BeAnne will be in her element ‘mothering’ them and will not have a moment to herself to feel miserable. Go for it Frances – one of each – to grow up together under BeAnnes’ motherly paw.

  18. May

    The right creatures seem to find you… In a little while BeAnne’s new buddy will come knocking at the door.


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