Yucky Eyes

Poor little Newt is finding this winter difficult.

His eyes are very “gooby”, ie running and I can’t seem to sort it out.

This is Newt’s second, and different, treatment and I am determined to make him better.  We think it is a combination of the hay seeds from the silage blowing into his eyes when he is eating along with an irritating forelock.

Tomorrow I am going to bring Newt (and probably Albie) in and have a good clean around his eyes with a cold tea concoction.

The herd all come up for the silage in the morning and this little paddock is proving a huge success.  There are no arguments and everyone is sharing beautifully.  Can you spot Albie?

He is usually attached to Newt.  They are the best of friends.

Can you also spot someone determined not be left out? That would be Her Maj.

When Albie saw me talking to Newt and putting drops in his eyes, he wanted to “help” but couldn’t find a way out of the maze of legs.

He ended up using the shove and barge method.

A few weeks ago, Albie’s eyes were not good and he was treated with drops .  They seem to have mostly cleared up now.

Iacs would like to tell you that he is doing very fine – thank you for asking!

Just because!

8 thoughts on “Yucky Eyes

  1. Louise Stopford

    Poor little Newt. I am sure you will be able to sort out his weeping eyes. You mentioned the cold tea concoction. We always used to clean our ponies eyes with cold tea bags. Perhaps it is a bit of infection or just plain cold that has got to him. Hope you can sort him out – good luck.

  2. Sam

    Poor Newt! His heart is the size of a draft horse. And I admire Albie’s determination. Thanks for the Silly Frilly picture.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Poor little Newt! Runny eyes are not nice but I’m sure your treatment will be effective. Golden Eye Ointment for humans might be worth a try if the tea doesn’t work.

  4. Terri

    Poor Newt, he looks so sad. Perhaps he needs a shorter, frilly forelock such as Iacs? Get well soon, dear lil Newt! Healing vibes being sent from Boston!
    PS Does Albie ever go UNDER another pony/horse or would that be against equine etiquette?

  5. Pat

    I think I remember reading that there is something in dogs in which some or all of their eyelashes (or eyelids) are inverted, and the lashes scrape the eye. Is that possible (or heard of) in ponies? If so, it’s apparently an easy fix for the vet. He’s probably approaching maturity, and that sort of thing might begin to show up. Or it could, as you suggest be a reaction to dust or pollen particles, or an allergy. Whatever it is, I hope it clears up really soon…there’s nothing worse than having something in your eye!

    A kiss on the nose to you, your family and every critter you keep.

    1. sue moore

      I have 2 whose eyes water like this in the wind, and they are the ones that toss the hay around and get it all over themselves, I use cooled boiled water, and Optrex eye wash,I clean up the channel from the eye down the face with the boiled water, soak cotton wool in Optrex and hold on eye lid, this seeps into the eye, rub the channel dry with clean towel, then I put vaseline down the channel so that when the eyes water it should in theory run down the vaselined channel and help stop the cruddy build up, I also use Brolene eye drops and golden eye ointment, I do that for a couple of days if that doesnt clear it up, which it usually does, I would call the Vet in, Good Luck

      1. Frances Post author

        Thank you for your very information message. I will certainly try that if the chloramphenicol and tea method is failing (seems to be looking much better) x


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