Gale Warning!

The weather is about to descend, big time, in the form of a long and boring gale.

I feel so sorry for my animals but they know what to do.

With this in mind, we have spent the last 24 hours getting ready for the onslaught.  Basically, tie everything down that might go flying past the window.

We moved anything so it can be tied to something that won’t go anywhere.

It was also a good chance to tidy up too before nature kicks in and does it for us!

This is the Boyzenberries most favourite shed in the whole world.  It is vile outside and has been here forever.

If it blew away, I would not be sad but the Boyzens would be.

I have put water, a mineral lick bucket, all their feed buckets and plenty of silage onto the deep straw floor.

I am not too worried about the sheeple – there are lots of buildings around they can shelter behind if they want.

The field where the sheep are fed has been cleared.

The hens now live in Lambie’s best bedroom so I have shut them in with water and food.

Everything is as nailed down as much as it can be.

We will do our best to get out tomorrow and feed the herd, at least twice so they have a good central heating system in place.  After much discussion, Daisy and I have decided everyone is better off outside.  Kappi and Taktur, who are now back in full training, have rugs.  Efstur has a rug and we also rugged Newt and Albie (who was very pleased to get his dressing gown back).  Depending on the prevailing wind direction, we may move them to a more sheltered field tomorrow too.

So bring it on.  Candles at the ready too.

6 thoughts on “Gale Warning!

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I hate the wind. It makes everything such hard work. I’m impressed with your preparations. I hope that there’s a change in the direction of the wind overnight and that it skirts round the edge of you!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    OMG – this sounds so awesome, but know you all have been thru this (and maybe worse) before. Take care and we’ll be keeping on eye on the weather reports.

  3. Linda

    Looks like you’ve battened down all the hatches! Thank goodness for the warning, eh?

    Sending good thoughts for the least amount of damage and chaos possible…

  4. Carol E

    It sounds horrid (and I’m sure it literally does sound quite awful). I am glad you know how to be well-prepared for this weather and get everything ready. Hope everything stays in place and nobody gets hurt. Hugs and chocolate!

  5. Darby

    hope the weather does not cause too much trouble. it certainly seems that you have done everything you can to be ready for it. sending good vibes that it will soon be over and no damage done. stay safe.


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