Your Servant, I

Storm Caroline is winging its way over to Shetland and it is a bit of a biggie.  Daisy and I have sort of made plans which we will execute tomorrow morning, as well as battening down the hatches, in the calm before the storm.

Basically, everyone will stay outside and, with a good pile of hay inside them plus lots of shelter, they will be happier than shut in stables.

So first thing, Floss and I headed off to Lerwick in the van to get some mineral/feed buckets for the horses and sheeples as well as 20 bales of emergency hay.

Feeling better prepared, we came home to be greeted by a more enthusiastic terrier.  Everything will be dished out tomorrow so the animals will all have better central heating to face the storm with.

This afternoon I did give the sheep their feed bucket and left them gnawing it!  Puzzah was very happy and it is a big bucket for just four sheep.  They are designed for more of a large flock environment but I am sure it will be eaten eventually.

BeAnne was happy we came home (again).  This afternoon she was obsessed by feet.  She likes to sit on mine, in case I happen to move away.

And of course feet are useful for tummy tickling.

Your servant, I, BeAnne!

I think she has forgiven me.

4 thoughts on “Your Servant, I

  1. Sam

    You have your uses, according to BeAnne. Tummy tickler to start, maybe couch cuddler later on.
    Keeping fingers crossed all do okay with the impending storm.

  2. Cathy

    Thank goodness you got home before the storm, with time to get everything and everyone safely organised.
    Loving the Advent Calendar – 4th Dec is wonderful, perfect symmetry. Which foal is it?
    And Lambie’s wild hair in his pic is so appealing.
    Hope you all stay safe tonight and tomorrow.

  3. Nancy

    Glad to hear that you are in Her Majesty’s good graces again!! 😉

    I hope everyone stays safe and warm during the storm!!


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