And Back Home

I am very tired so this will be brief.

I spent the day travelling from 09:30 when I left Mum’s house to 18:30 when I arrived home in filthy miserable weather.

This is the view from the Heathrow plane waiting to taxi out and fly to Edinburgh.

Arriving at Edinburgh.  I know it’s Edinburgh because all along the Firth of Forth there are lots of little islands and resorts/villages I would love to visit.

At Edinburgh, I had a bit of a rest and so I had lunch and feeling fortified went Christmas shopping.

And then onto the Shetland plane.  The planes get smaller as you travel north.

It was a bit of a bumpy flight home but the sunset above the clouds was pretty.

OH met my plane (it came in 30 minutes late) and we drove home to be met by an enthusiastic Her Maj.

Who gave me a cursory glance to intimate a brief hello and then moved back to sit by the only person whoever loved her – Daisy.

Supper – Floss made me wonderful sushi, which was a damn sight better than the WH Smith sushi I had that seemed to have cheese in it.  Cheese sushi?  Just why!

There’s no place like home.  Maybe tomorrow BeAnne might manage to forgive me.

9 thoughts on “And Back Home

  1. ray dunkley

    At least home safe and it looks like the plave did not have elastic bands and propelers to wind up
    take care

  2. diane in northern wis

    So glad to hear you’re back home Frances! Hope you found some good things while shopping at the airport. Sorry Her Maj. didn’t run to you for big hugs and kisses. But, well, you know her better than anyone so I guess you know how it’s going to go for a day or two. Hope your cold is almost gone!

  3. Nancy

    Glad that you got home safely!
    I’m sure the Maj is glad too, she just doesn’t want to show it. 😉
    Get a good night’s sleep!

  4. Terri

    Welcome home! How was the “lounge luxury” btw? Any kind of cheese in sushi (including cream cheese) is a dumbing-down (i.e., westernized version) of real sushi. Yuck. Sleep well!

  5. Linda

    Welcome home, glad to hear you arrived safely. And that sunset photo was just gorgeous.
    BeAnn’s response to your return reminded me of almost the same exact thing when we got home after a few days away, except out dog promptly ran away, and so before unpacking, we had to drive around the neighborhood looking for him.

  6. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth

    Glad you’re safely back home. Cream cheese in sushi is a California thing – and so much of the mass-marketed sushi is more Californian than Japanese.

  7. Carol

    It sounds like an exhausting day. We hate leaving our dog too and have only done it once when my daughter got married. She spends the time behind the front door, waiting for us to return. Then we have a barrage of barking for going out without her but that’s life with a collie. At least she doesn’t sulk.

    The coming storm warnings look awful; I hope you all stay safe and warm tomorrow and the electricity is not cut off.

  8. Louise Stopford

    Glad you got home safe and sound. Sounds like it was a very long day travelling. You are right, there is no place like home. I love coming home when I have been away – in fact it takes me all of my time to actually go away from home. I am sure madam BeAnne will forgive you soon.

  9. Sam

    Glad to have you back home even if Her Mag is rather put out with you. The Maine Coons also shun me when I have been away. Hope Mum is doing well.


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