You’ll Never Walk Alone

Daisy announced this morning she would help me trim some feet.  So, never one to run away from a great offer, we went to see the Minions.

First up was Waffle….

I have been sucking my teeth about his feet for a while. My regular rasping was not enough.  It was becoming obvious.

Obviously there was help. There always is.

Much help.

Possibly a bit too much help.

Meanwhile some (and that would be Storm) were having a jolly old time with the Activity Centre we had brought with us – namely the Foot Equipment Bag. It was doomed from the minute everyone first saw it.

Everyone wanted a shot.

What is it with a canvas bag?

The contents therein *** sigh *** were strewn. I don’t bother saying No anymore. There really is no point.  No one listens.  The lure of the bag is too much for some.

Next up for hoof care was Tiddles while Newt made an unhelpful appearance. He may be small but that nose gets everywhere.  We had words.

And meanwhile, the bag continued to be wrecked (I had stupidly hung it on the gate in the hope they would leave it alone – will I never learn?)

Anywho, two down, six to go…….  Daisy is on clippers with hoof-knife and I am on rasp.  We make a good team which is good as we can’t afford the farrier.

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