Gone Back Home

Yesterday we brought Newt and Tiddles back to Thordale. Their services were no longer required.  They spent last night in a small paddock in case they were needed again and by this morning, I could see they just wanted to go back home to their friends.

We loaded them up in the horsevan and took them home.

The two boys had enjoyed their visit away and did exactly as was promised – to be well-behaved (** cough – mostly – cough ***) companions and I was proud of them for that.

The others were pleased (once they had spotted them) to see their friends again. I think they had missed them.  While they were away, it felt like someone(s) were missing.

The herd felt incomplete.

There was lots of sniffing, the odd squeal and asking where they had been this past week.

And then I told the whole lot to go off and get a job so to horse, they gallumphed away.  Everyone back where they should be.

Floss remarked as they cantered off that they looked like a budget version of the Lloyds Bank commercial.  I replied “more Poundland really!”

(Lloyds Bank commercial link – if you want to see what I mean)

3 thoughts on “Gone Back Home

  1. Linda Kirk

    What a nice reunion. I wonder if Festus will miss the boys.
    I love the Lloyds Bank adverts. If they’d been looking for a Stallion, Taktur would have been the obvious choice!


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