You Can’t Get Away

It was a beautiful Shetland nearly-Autumn day.  The Icelandic boys were mooching about in their field so I decided to try a new filming technique – using a tripod.

I hate tripods – they are the camera equivalent of wire coat-hangers.  I hate them too and can get so very tangled up.

But I must say a tripod has its uses. My film is steadier, if silly.

Of course, BeAnne came with and she had a lovely time standing in the stream looking for tiny fish.

Once on the bank, she rolled and rolled in all the Greylag goose poo.  A dear little dog.

While I went to film the boys she sat safely on the other side of the fence by the burn enjoying the wonderful sunshine.

Anywho, enjoy the film. The music is jolly.  It was played by our friends a few years back and recorded in our house.

About the film – of the noseys, it was Klængur who was the worst.  Once he had seen the camera, he followed me around the field never letting me out of his sight.   Klængur is having a holiday while Floss is away – shoes off and not being ridden.

I could get into this film making racket!

12 thoughts on “You Can’t Get Away

  1. Cathy

    Just beautiful! What a lovely idyllic life your boys live in the summer. I’m guessing winter is not so quite so good!

  2. Terri

    This is one of your best films — I feel as if I am Right There, minus the equine (sadly) and canine (thankfully) scents. The music is perfect, how lovely that it was recorded in your home. Thanks so much!

  3. Margaret Robinson


    We’re up at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow to get to the airport and onto Wales. Will miss not seeing you this year, but maybe next. Taking planes is almost beyond me, but Dramamine helps. Staying our first night at the Gladstone library. Can’t wait!


  4. Louise Stopford

    you are one very clever lady Frances. Really enjoyed your movie and don’t the Icelandic horses look fabulous. You are right about the music being jolly – it was a delight to watch the movie and listen to the happy music.


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