Since Loki’s arrival, it has been World War 3.  Loki wants to kill Wu.

This is Not A Good Thing.

Funnily enough, Wu does not want to be killed.


Wu is very sad about his Death Sentence.  He used to like dogs.  Ok, he couldn’t eat a whole one but he tolerates BeAnne and will sleep on the same bed as her.


Wu’s life is not prohibited by this Fatwa.  He is clever and has worked out that if he goes out all night, he can sleep all day on the bed.  He uses the Velux window and travels via the roof in all weathers.


We have not forced the Wu/Loki relationship but we come down like a ton of bricks on Loki if he even looks at Wu in a “funny” way.  Loki is not stupid, either. He is growing up and his quick temper has abated.  He thinks first now before biting.  He knows which side of his bread is buttered.

Wu is very tempted to be a family cat in the sitting room but he just can’t bring himself to join us.

So, last night imagine our surprise when he boldly walked into the sitting room, plonked himself on the sofa and went to sleep.


This is unheard of and Loki, to be fair, behaved beautifully, enough for Wu to relax.


This morning, I have asked Wu whether he will be returning to the sitting room.  He is not sure.


Then I asked Loki whether he intends to rescind his Fatwa and he says he will try his very best as he wants to be A Good Boy.


When I asked BeAnne whether she would make everything worse (ie wind them all up), she denied all knowledge of this type of ‘haviour.


So we shall see.  Let’s hope this is a new chapter in our family life.   All eyes are on Loki.

6 thoughts on “Wu

  1. Rebecca Final

    BeAnne is the picture of innocence and I’m sure (being a terrier) that she would NEVER encourage such behavior. This story made me chuckle because we have a similar story going on in our house only it is the cat (an uninvited stray who’s adopted us) who is the aggressor. He thinks it’s play, the dogs think it’s a mountain lion impression.

  2. Terri

    I’m not sure whether to believe you about this WW3 thing between Wu and Loki. They all have such sweet faces, I can’t imagine Bad Behavior from any of them. In any case, I’m glad everyone feels comfortable sitting/napping in the sitting room.

  3. Bigears

    Our cats wind the poodles up dreadfully, Sam refuses to run, just stares them out, or jumps onto or under something so they can’t reach him. If they run, the dogs sometimes chase, but the one they don’t take on is Miss Whiplash, Tabitha, or Kitkat, my 20 year old who lives in our bedroom. If a poodle strays in there, it is sworn at by tiniest tabby – hardly a full meal – and the poodle sneaks out, tail between legs…looking embarrassed.

  4. Linda K

    Poor Wu. Usurped by a hairy hound in his own house, Perhaps Loki had lots of run ins with cats in his previous life. Hats off to Wu for being brave. Small steps.

  5. Sam

    If Tiddles can become bold enough to play then maybe, just maybe, Loki can contain himself around Wussums. But BeAnne can not be the referee


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