Wool Week Visitors

It is always good to get a phone call (01595 809 432) asking if folk can visit the Shetland ponies, especially if I haven’t already had their daily check.

Today I introduced the little herd to four ladies who are in Shetland for 2019 Wool Week.

Newt, Vitamin, Tiddles and Fivla were in the top field happily munching away.

And I introduced the visitors to each pony telling them their story and character.

Newt is getting very good at posing.  Maybe it’s his new talent – being nice.  Who knew?

Poor visitors.  It became swiftly apparent that the other four ponies were not going to come up to talk so I asked if anyone minded clambering over a low fence to meet Albie, Waffle, Silver and Storm.

Of course they didn’t and it was well worth the effort.  Albie was especially thrilled to meet folk.

I even managed to leave the visitors photographing the chaps while I tied up a gate that needed to remain close – (*** cough *** leave it alone Storm, please!)

And then we went back into the first field for more photos of Newt, who everyone wanted to take home of course.  He would happily fit into anyone’s suitcase.

28″ of pure gorgeousness.  Why wouldn’t you?  No trouble at all, he promises.

And, by the way, so you know, Vitamin’s still got it.  Even as an old lady (25 yo), she is still beautiful.

So that was my afternoon.  Showing visitors to Shetland my little world and my little ponies.  Never a chore, always a pleasure.  I quickly did a headcount before I left just in case Newt had been smuggled out of the field.

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