It’s not all about the Minions

I know they’re fabulous, but it’s not all about the Minions and the ladies-what-wore-the-sweaters.

Sometimes it is about the others as well.

So today, three lovely Wool Weeker Ladies came to visit us for the day and I duly introduced them to everyone, even Lambie (who behaved appallingly and refused his Cheesey Wotsits – oh, the shame).

I proudly showed off my Icelandic horses as well as my idiot Shetland ponies.

If I had to make a decision, I would say that  I think I was most proud of my Icelandic horses.

They had good manners and behaved impeccably.  Especially Lilja – she was wonderful.

Storm, on the other hoof, was embarrassing.  He tried to unravel my visitor’s hand-woven scarf and was obssessed with it.  We had words!

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