Winter is Back

I think that is the end of the daffodils.  Poor things.  They have been totally flattened by last night’s Force 11 Arctic winds.

Meanwhile, I spent last night lying awake imagining the corpses I would find in the morning while the wind howled outside and we were hurled unceremoniously back into Winter.

At 6 am, seeing a slight lull in the forecast, I got everyone up to help get the horses in, fed (hardfeed) and dish out hay.  We kept them inside until after lunch.  As for the Minions, Floss and I took them hay and carrots.  It was not a day for buckets.

In the stable, Klængur was being a total git to Haakon and Iacs in their stable. They usually get along fine but I don’t know, maybe it was the excessive wind – he was bullying them both.  We booted him out and he had to spend his morning with Taktur, Efstur, Dreki and Kappi.  Serve him right. He was very cross with us – I don’t care. I won’t have Haakon and Iacs tormented.  Nope.  Efstur, who is very up himself, can eat Klængur for breakfast for all I care.

After lunch, we decided everyone had been inside long enough.  We gave Haakon and Iacs the little shed. Klængur would’ve taken over the shed and made the old men stand outside so he remained with the other herd.  We put hay inside and they were very happy in their new wee home.

They have a huge field too so they can choose where they want to be.

Meanwhile, Klængur had to go out with Taktur and his friends.  There’s lots of space to be annoyed by Efstur.  He can just get on with it. My heart is hardened.

Bloody horse politics and don’t talk to me about the sheep. I have had enough, I’m exhausted and now I’ve lost my glasses somewhere in all that fracas.  Meh!

5 thoughts on “Winter is Back

  1. Sam

    Oh no – did you find your glasses???
    Men (no matter the breed) can be stinkers. But to pick a rotten weather day to harrass the elders – well you did the right thing. Sorry the sheeple are also acting up.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Lets hope that’s the last of the horrible winter weather for you and that the wind drops, the sun shows its face and the daffodils perk up! And the animals stop causing you stress!

  3. darby callahan

    just reading this is making me cold. hoping tomorrow brings lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures.

  4. diane in northern wis

    You’re right about those poor daffodils ….they aren’t looking so good.
    Hope everything, including the weather, will be back to normal soon by you!

  5. Elli

    It’s been rather wild the last couple of days! Poor daffodils, they do look sad.
    I contacted you a wee while back, not sure if you remember, but we’ve been in Shetland for a little while now! Thank you again answering my myriad questions at the time, you’re a star! Crossing fingers for more sunshine and calmer winds.


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