A Trying Day

Maggie and ‘Bert are together because Edna and Madge cannot be nice.


Yesterday Madge gave Maggie such a belter that she fell over.  Not pretty and definitely not good.  I told Madge in no uncertain terms just what I thought of her.  Once the snow has thawed, I will give them all one more chance and if Edna and Madge still fail to be civil, they will have to go to Leradale for a bit while Maggie has her lamb(s). I hate doing this but it is for Maggie’s safety and she has to be my priority.

At the moment Maggie and ‘Bert live in the little paddock behind the house.  There is a shed attached.  As I type, I am watching them go back to bed everytime it snows!

Over the past 48 hours, the snow and Arctic winds have been unceasing and no one is moving.

It is horrible.  Seriously vile.  I am at my wits’ end.  We run around all day trying keep the animals alive and ourselves warm.  The house hates a north wind and the temperature everywhere drops dramatically.

To add to our misery, we had a power cut for a few hours this evening so I lit all the gas lamps.

I keep three on stand-by for emergencies.  I suffer from this eternal urge to try and switch on the lights!

Anywho, now the wind has dropped slightly, the electricty has returned.  The horses and sheep have gone out and about, and we are all still here, so that’s all good. Please can I have Spring back.

8 thoughts on “A Trying Day

  1. Sam

    Edna and Madge seem to jealous and may need a seperate field. But Bert looks happy with his gal.
    I get how horrible those winds can be, sneaking in the corners of the house. Seriously uncomfortable.
    Here’s hoping your power stays on, the winds drop back and Spring returns. (But Maggie is very lovely!)

  2. dee

    Oh my. What a beautiful photo of the winds blowing the snow. Makes me want to snuggle with my Westies in front of the fire. And “Millionaire’s Shortbread” had to be Googled and seems delicious. Must try it. Hope you and everyone, including Monster and BeAnne are safe and warm.

  3. Linda

    You’re doing absolutely the right thing, keeping Maggie safe! Edna & Madge will have each other for company.

    And…when our power goes out, it’s the same thing: flipping on light switches with no result. We’ve turned it into a game: calling out the number of times we done it, as the power outage lasts. Glad you got your power back!

  4. Jayne

    Will be thinking of you all, two legs and four. Down in Cumbria we have a little snow and some bitterly cold wind but our conditions will be positively mild compared to what might hit you.

    I do find it amusing how quickly Maggie has learned that going into the shed is not a bad thing. Very clever for an animal who has been on the hill all her life.

  5. diane in northern wis

    Oh dear, things look so blustery and cold. I’m sorry you and your critters are having to go thru this storm. Sure hope Spring returns mighty soon for you. Gosh, that’s sad about Edna and Madge behaving like that.
    How will they behave if there is a little lamb bouncing around? You are very smart so I know you will know best how to handle any situation. First I’m praying that Spring will come back to your land very, very, very, soon.

    1. Frances Post author

      Cut before the storm. OH is upset he didn’t cut more. I think the outside daffs are gone.


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