Windy, Again

We’ve had a lovely few days but the weather is revving up again, wind and rain-wise, though temperatures are high for us.

Hey-ho, as the horses are all on hay (the silage this year is very wet; too wet for us), I find it very frustrating watching it all blow away so the daily routine changed again.

First in were Haakon and his field friends.

Haakon is fed separately because he has TurmerAid and Devil’s Claw in his fibre feed.

Iacs and Klængur had their buckets together and finished first. Now you can see why Haakon has to be fed separately. He gets very annoyed if hassled.

Iacs is No 1 Hassler.  He enjoys this title and is proud of it!

After all feeds are finished, buckets are inspected (just in case and you never know someone might’ve left a bar of chocolate in them) and washed up.  I put out three haynets/bags – one in each corner  – and Klængur and Iacs were moved in.

Then the remainder of the boys were called up and they all went straight into their stable. All excpet for Dreki who missed the door, and then proceeded to go round and round outside trying to find his friends.  Perhaps not the brightest star in our firmament.

And so we left them to it for the morning to eat their hay.  Afterwards, hard feed for Taktur and Efstur, rugs on and out into their respective fields.

It is a hassle but at least no gold-encrusted diamond bathed hay (cut from the fields of Valhalla by virgin unicorns) is blown away.  It can be shat and pee’d on but not blown away! 

2 thoughts on “Windy, Again

  1. Sam

    Can’t imagine letting yummy hay wander in the breeze. Can totally imagine Drekki’s bewilderment at losing the right door to enter the stable.


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