Nearly All Growed Up

Little Efstur (means Number 1, the highest) is growing up fast now.

By Álfur frá Selfossi IS2002187662 and out of Brá frá Reykjavík IS2002287901 – he travelled from Norway in utero all those years back.

Efstur was born in May 2016 (I remember it well – here is the blog entry including a film of his birth) and so will be 4 next year.

And somewhere along the line, someone has turned Efstur into a sensible boy.

A while back, seeing Efstur’s potential (five-gaited with a jaw-dropping trot and a BLUP of 114), I gave him to Daisy, my eldest daughter.

The next few years are going to be an exciting time for Efstur as he begins his training with Daisy.

So that’s another little boy nearly all growed up.

These past few months Efstur has done some growing upwards (and outwards) too. He is now taller than Taktur.  They were standing together this morning before having their food and I suddenly noticed!  I was taken by surprise.

Efstur is a nice boy. His future is exciting.  Let’s hope he lives up to his name.  He is also very orange *** sigh *** – another ginger ninja.

3 thoughts on “Nearly All Growed Up

  1. Carol Palmer

    Will you post videos of Daisy training him? As I don’t see a lot of Icelandic horses in Colorado, his gaits would be interesting to see.


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